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Thermometer is the safe way to detect fever early. The Thermo Meter infrared forehead thermometer is currently one of the top-selling no-touch, no-contact thermometers.

It  is used by governments and businesses across the world to protect consumers and is also used in tens of thousands of homes to protect family members.

Infrared forehead thermometer can measure the internal temperature of a person from a safe distance and without contact. This is possible using infrared technology, which gathers the temperature simply from the thermal radiation and infrared energy that the person gives off.


“The most common symptom of a viral infection is a fever above 100.4F (38c)”

– Richard G. Bach, MD – Allergy and Immunology


🛡️ Prevent cross-infection with this non-contact digital infrared thermometer gun 

⏱ Get accurate temperature measurement within 1 second

✅ Fast toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit!  

💡 Protect your household from infected visitors

⌛️ Very high in demand, stocks will be replenished in 45 days once gone


Green for Normal
Yellow for Slight Fever
Red for High Fever